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Why do electric vehicles get slower and slower after riding for a long time?

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are also a very common means of transportation in daily life. But slowly It has been found that the speed of electric vehicles is getting slower and slower after riding for a long time. In this article we will discuss:-

  • What is the cause?
  • How to solve it?

Insufficient battery power:

If the electric vehicle is used for too long, the power will gradually decrease. When the electric vehicle is short of power, the speed will gradually slow down. When there is too much power, there will be intermittent driving. This is because when the power is under Undervoltage, the controller issues instructions to automatically slow down the car to protect the battery in this form.

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Motor magnetic steel is demagnetized:

In normal use, improper use will lead to the demagnetization of magnetic steel, the power will attenuate, and the speed will slow down accordingly. Frequent overloading, strong vibration, or long-term high temperature of the battery will affect the demagnetization of motor magnet steel.

Motor magnetic steel is demagnetized

Turning handlebar problem:

Loose and twisting the head in normal riding will affect the driving speed. The internal resistance of the rotary plug is too large, which will cause the motor to slow down. Turn the switch to the maximum position, and the voltage of the speed regulation signal line (green line) is still less than 4.2v, and the speed will slow down accordingly

Turning handlebar problem

Controller failure:

It is easy to ignore in normal use, but it is the most critical. The current of the controller determines the speed of the electric vehicle. The higher the output current of the controller, the faster the speed, but if the controller does not match the power of the motor, the speed will slow down accordingly.

Controller failure:

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Insufficient tire pressure:

If the tire pressure is insufficient, the friction with the ground will be increased, the forward resistance will be increased, and the speed will slow down.

tire pressure

Brake failure:

Braking is inevitable during normal riding. After a long time, the brake system will gradually age. If the brakes cannot be turned back normally, the speed will also slow down. Or if the brakes are too tight, the friction of the wheels will increase, and the speed will also slow down.

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