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In addition to the capacity, how many other signs on the battery do you know?


The capacity of the battery refers to the electrical energy that the battery can store in Ah. It has nothing to do with the voltage of the battery. For example, the lead-acid battery is only related to the plate area. The larger the plate area, the larger the capacity. The voltage of the battery is related to the series unit of the battery. Each unit has a 2V voltage. The more series units, the higher the voltage. There is no power in the technical indicators of the battery. The wh marked on some batteries refers to the power capacity of the battery.

Lithium battery packs are mostly used in mobile devices and cameras, and most consumers don’t know much about the capacity labels on these battery signs. For example, mAh and Wh represent nothing. In fact, learning to understand these logos is very simple and very practical.
Take common lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones as an example. In fact, if these two batteries are also mobile phone batteries, their capacity can still be compared with mAh. But if they are not of the same type of product, it may be wrong to compare it directly. Are they all lithium batteries? Isn’t it all the same? Why can’t we compare? Although they are also lithium batteries, in fact, the voltage of the two batteries is different, that is, due to the voltage, the size of mAh alone is not comparable.
Generally speaking, the physical meaning of battery capacity refers to how much charge the battery can hold or release. We often use Ah (amphen) or mAh (milliampere)

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According to the definition of current: I = Q/t, it can be seen that Q = It, the unit of current I is mA (mA), t stands for time, in hours, so our battery capacity unit is mAh

That is to say, if the capacity of a battery represents 1000mAh and if the current works at 100mA, it can theoretically be powered for 10 hours.
However, from the formula, we can see that Q=It does not involve voltage, so this unit can only indicate how much Coulomb charge can be accommodated inside the battery. However, it does not explain how much work the battery can do and what the maximum power the battery can provide. Different types of products have different operating voltages. Therefore, we often see a number in Wh next to mAh. The work that the battery can do is W=UIt=UQ, and the voltage U* current I is in W (watts), so the W in the battery is expressed in Wh, which indicates how much work the battery does can do.

Wh is a quantity directly proportional to voltage, current, and time. MAh is usually used as an indicator of battery charging and discharging. It is an indicator proportional to the charging (discharge) current and time of the battery. For it to be comparable or convertible with Wh, you must also know the voltage of the battery. In short, Wh=mAh/1000* voltage

For example, the voltage of the battery of 6600mAh is 14.4V, 14.4*6600=95.04Wh, and all the work that can be released is 6.6*14.4*3600=342144 joules

If the labeling parameter of the lead-acid battery above is 60V1000Wh, then the battery capacity is 1000/60=16.67ah

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Regarding the battery capacity test method, lead-acid batteries are relatively simple. They can be quickly filtered by short-term discharge, and the discharge time can also be tested.
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