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Is it better to charge electric vehicle battery every day or after it is out of power? – Many people did something wrong. No wonder the battery broke quickly.

Electric vehicles can be said to be the most convenient means of transportation in our lives. In this era of more cars, electric vehicles are particularly convenient. Traffic jams are almost rare in electric vehicles, especially in urban life. Electric vehicles are indispensable. But when it comes to charging electric vehicles, some people like to charge the last grid left, while others charge whatever the power is left. Is it better to charge the electric car every day or after it is out of power? Many people have made mistakes. No wonder the battery is broken quickly. Let’s follow.

Nowadays, most electric vehicles use Li-ion batteries. Excessive consumption of substances in the battery will cause it to malfunction, so that the battery is likely to be scrapped. And it often takes a night or more to fully charge the battery after use and recharge, which will also affect the performance of the whole battery. Therefore, it is best not to charge it when the battery runs out, otherwise it will greatly shorten the life of the battery.


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Therefore, if you ride often, it is best to charge it frequently, and the charging time should be maintained at about 6-8 hours, so as to ensure that the electric car is charged every day, and it will not overcharge. Develop a good charging habit, and the electric vehicle can be used longer.

When using electric vehicles, we should pay attention to the following points:

When charging the battery car, plug in the battery car first and then plug it into the plug, which can protect our battery. In addition, the correct charging method for electric vehicles is:

1. If you use it, you can recharge it,
2. Use more, use less and charge less, and charge as soon as you use it,
3. Charge it every day.


Time your charge Most people plug their EV battery in at night, so it can charge while they sleep. This is an ideal time to charge, but you need to make sure it isn’t on the charger for too long.

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