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How to distinguish between good and bad electric vehicle tires

electric vehicle tires

In our ordinary life, electric vehicles have become an indispensable means of transportation for everyone. Its convenience and price advantage must be an important reasons why most people choose it. With the increase in the number of buyers, the electric vehicle industry is becoming more and more prosperous, and the related industries derived from electric vehicles have naturally flourished. Among them, tires are an important accessory that cannot be ignored. There are thousands of tire brands on the market today, and the quality is even more uneven. The quality of tires is related to the safety of every rider. Well, Ade will talk to you about electric vehicle tires today.

If you are a dealer when you purchase tires, you must pay attention to the following three indicators:

1. Can the tire withstand 35,000 times of use?

For pneumatic tires, such a high frequency of use strictly tests the quality of tires. If the rubber additive formula is not good, or it is overmixed with used tire materials, then the tires cannot withstand 35,000 times of use. Therefore, making electric vehicle tires seems to be very simple, but in fact, it is very knowledgeable.

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2. Can you stand the test of more than 3,000 hours?

If an electric vehicle has been used for 3,000 hours, with a time of 125 days and 2 hours a day, its lifespan is about 4 years. However, the service life of tires is closely related to the environment. As we all know, the life of tires on roads with suitable temperatures and flat roads must have a longer life than on roads with higher temperatures, full of stones or sharp objects.

3. Will the tires and underwires fall off in environments of minus 30°C and 50 °C above zero?

This is a test that both pneumatic tires and non-inflatable tires must withstand the test. Because any substance has the effect of thermal expansion and cold contraction, if the shrinkage performance of the material is not well controlled during the manufacturing process, or a large number of used tires are doped in the manufacturing process, then the tires will fall off in the above temperature environment and cause the tire to be unqualified.

If you are an electric vehicle user, you should pay attention to the following two points:

  1. Factory tires are replaced with anti-pair vacuum tires

Nowadays, many users are willing to replace their factory tires with non-paired vacuum tires, but it is undeniable that the quality of factory tires is still relatively good. If you don’t know much about vacuum tires, Adad recommends that you ask the online customer service staff of electric vehicle brands before purchasing to see them. Are there any other brands recommended? If you have friends who know this aspect, you can also refer to their opinions, but Ads still advise everyone that if you really plan to change, you should also change to a brand of good quality. Don’t try to be cheap.

Airtightness of vacuum tire

Ads usually ride his own small electric bike to commute to and from work. Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be some small problems with the electric car, so he also has a lot of communication with the owner of the car repair shop. At the garage owner, Adé learned that vacuum tires originally configured only on cars and motorcycles are gradually becoming more and more widely used in electric vehicles, and air tightness is crucial for vacuum tires. Under normal circumstances, vacuum tires should be able to last for 3 to 4 months or even half a year. But if the air tightness is not good, it will become a common family. You need to replenish your breath every once in a while, and even leak in less than half of the weather. However, high-quality airtight materials can help improve air tightness. It can achieve: 1) improve durability and safety; 2 improve energy efficiency, and 3 extend tire life

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The bad airtight layer will cause most gases to enter the belt layer and curtain layer through the airtight layer, which can improve the airtightness by using high halo‐ generated butyl rubber and low oil formulas to increase the thickness of the airtight layer. The tire pressure loss is reduced by shortening the distance from the end of the airtight layer to the toe.
By extending the endpoint outside the rim to reduce the tire pressure loss of the tire ring/rim, and the relationship between the mileage loss and time of electric vehicles in use, research shows that the tire pressure loss can reduce the battery life mileage of electric vehicles by 7%. The use of high-quality airtight layer materials can help improve airtightness, thus increasing electric vehicles. Endurance.

The measurement of tire pressure, shows the impact on electric vehicles, especially on power consumption and driving mileage. The results show that if the tire gas is insufficient, the tire life will be shortened by 8%, and the torque of the electric vehicle will be excessively high in the moment of operation at rest, which will also have a certain impact on the tires.

In a word, the airtightness of tires is mainly affected by three factors: the permeability, thickness, and endpoint of the airtight layer.

electric vehicle tires

At present, electric vehicle tires on the market are roughly divided into ordinary tires with inner tubes and vacuum tires without inner tubes. Their differences can be roughly divided into the following four points

  1. Long life expectancy. Under normal circumstances, vacuum tires should be able to hold on for 3 to 4 months, or even half a year, because the tire wall of the vacuum tire is relatively thick, and the tire with an inner tube is more likely to be punctured by nails than the vacuum tire.
  2. After the ordinary tire is punctured, it will leak quickly, and the tire will not be able to ride if it is flat, which is very difficult to push. When you push it to the repair shop for inspection, you find that the inner tube has been worn out and can’t be used! The vacuum tire is relatively puncture-resistant. The surface of the tire is a layer of high-quality rubber. After infatuation, the external tension increases, forming a certain pressure on the inner surface, which improves the self-sealing ability of the break. Once puncture, it will not completely leak and flatten in an instant, and it will last for a certain period of time
  3. The repair time of vacuum tires is very short, usually two minutes! Ordinary tires also need to pull out the inner tire first, then check where it is broken, and then rub the skin, patch the crack, fill it back and inflate it!
  4. Vacuum tires have good shock absorption and grip, and strong adhesion. It can maintain good driving stability and small friction, which is conducive to shock absorption and speed improvement. The positioning of the belt speed layer is high, the radial jump of the wheel is small, and the resistance is small

But! But! Adelaide does not say that vacuum tires must be better than ordinary tires. Good or bad are judged according to their own needs. Ordinary tires have inner and outer tires, which are easy to install and low in price.


Finally, there are a few reminders that whether it is a vacuum tire or a gallbladder tire, you must pay attention to walking as few bumpy roads as possible during the daily driving of electric vehicles. In addition, the tire pressure should be kept at about 350 kPa (kpa) as much as possible. Of course, you don’t have to ride on the tip of the knife after changing the tire. Ade reminds you that you who ride an electric bike must standardize the wearing of helmets and not run lights

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