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How to run Smooth Electric Vehicles even in rain?


After entering winter, the temperature will decrease, the energy storage of electric vehicles will decrease, and the power consumption is often reduced or difficult to charge. The corresponding mileage speed of electric vehicles will also decrease. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of batteries in winter is particularly important. So how do charge and maintain in winter to reduce the speed and the mileage?

1. It is recommended to charge when the remaining power is about 30%. Remember to charge it when you use it.

Electric Vehicles

2. When charging, plug the battery plug into the power outlet first, and unplug the power plug to unplug the battery outlet at the end of charging.

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3. Battery storage in winter. If the electric vehicle is parked in the open air or cold storage for several weeks, the battery should be removed to prevent the battery from freezing and damage. If you don’t use it for a long time, charge it once a month.

4. It is also important to clean the battery terminal and apply grease to protect it, which can ensure the actual and reliable start-up of the electric vehicle and extend the battery life.

5. Use a special charger when charging. Don’t mix it

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6. Most chargers continue to float for 1-2 hours as much as possible after the indicator light is fully charged, which is also good for inhibiting battery vulcanization

7. The battery of the electric vehicle cannot be overcharged, and “overcharge” will cause damage to the electric vehicle.


In addition to developing electric vehicles, close attention needs to be given to the infrastructure needed to supply power for electric vehicles.

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