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Why can’t electric cars of the same model overt beat others for a long time?

Electric vehicles

Nowadays, every family has private cars. In daily use, their beloved cars will be maintained every month. Why don’t electric vehicles? Regular maintenance is not so exaggerated, but good habits are still very important. This time, it is divided into four parts: motor, battery, charger and controller.

The first key part: Motor

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the motor, the electrical energy in the battery can be converted into mechanical energy at all times.

1. If abnormal noise is found in the motor, remember to repair it in time and check key parts such as bearings to prevent the steel particles in the bearing from rolling out and blocking the coil, causing the motor to be scrapped.

2. Excessing water as little as possible to prevent the motor from entering the water. Because the motor is not tightly sealed, the water inlet will cause the magnetic steel ring to rust, and the bearings will be fragile, which will directly cause power consumption for riding and cannot run remotely.

3. Do not brake frequently when riding, which will cause the motor to overheat and cause magnetic steel to demagnetize, cause the car to be weak and shorten the range

electric Car

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Second key section: Battery

1. Battery quality. Please be sure to choose a high-quality battery brand, which can not only prolong the life of electric vehicles, but also ensure the range. There are many battery brands on the market, and it is more stable to choose big brands.

2. Charging. Control the charging time, and you can’t charge for a long time. Control it within 10 hours in winter and 6-8 hours in summer. If you don’t use it for a long time, it’s best to charge it every two months to fully charge, which can protect the battery. In addition, don’t leave the battery in a state of power loss for a long time.

3. Cycling habits, pay attention to daily riding, learn to help, especially when you encounter uphill roads, it is best to help first and then electric, so as to avoid the bat‐ terry straining the battery due to excessive instantaneous current.


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Third key part: charger

1. When charging, you must pay attention to the end of charging and unplug the plug-in time.

2. Don’t use chargers of other specifications at will, and ensure the use of the original charger as much as possible to ensure that the charging power is compatible with the battery pack.

3. Chargers should pay attention to protection to prevent short circuits in internal lines caused by bumpy shocks.


Fourth key part: controller

1. Pay attention to waterproofing and try not to let the controller get caught in the rain. We should also pay attention to the clean appearance of the controller and re‐ move dust regularly, which is conducive to heat dissipation, and the life of the con‐ troller will be extended accordingly. 2. When braking, the cyclist should move as gently as possible. Excessive movement or frequent braking will cause damage to the electric vehicle controller.


Electric vehicles are also cars. Don’t use electric vehicles as tractors because of their affordable prices. They don’t know how to maintain electric vehicles. Finally, it is recommended to buy high-quality big-brand electric vehicles and learn the knowledge of maintenance and use, so that electric vehicles can live a long and safe life!

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