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The packaging form of lithium-ion battery is better?

Which Battery Packaging Form is Better

Depending on the different package forms, batteries are divided into cylindrical batteries, square batteries, and soft package batteries. Different structures also mean that they have different characteristics. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the batteries of these three structures.

Cylindrical battery: Long-term development and the most mature technology.


  • Cylindrical batteries have developed for the longest time.
  • The technology of Cylindrical batteries is most mature, and their standardization is relatively high. 
  • Cylindrical batteries have more space between cells when encapsulating, such batteries have great advantages in heat dissipation.
  • Many models equipped with cylindrical batteries adopt lower-cost air cooling technology.

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  • The excessive number of batteries is a difficult problem.
  • Models that use high-energy-density batteries need to put thousands of cylindrical batteries together, which also puts forward higher requirements for the vehicle’s battery management system.
  • In addition, because cylindrical batteries need steel shells when combined into batteries, their weight is relatively high.
  • The energy density of cylindrical batteries is lower than that of the other two batteries.

Square battery: Simple structure and lightweight


  • The penetration rate of square batteries is very high
  • The structure of square batteries is relatively simple, the production process is not complicated
  • square batteries do not use stronger stainless steel as the case like cylindrical batteries
  • the energy density of square batteries is theoretically higher than that of cylindrical batteries.
  • However, because square batteries are generally designed for customization, it is difficult to unify the production process of square batteries and have a low degree of standardization.

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Soft package battery: high energy density, better battery layout flexibility

The soft package battery adopts a superimposed manufacturing method and is thinner in volume than the other two types of batteries.
Its energy density is theoretically the highest among the three types of batteries.
The soft package battery is small, it is more flexible than the other two types of batteries in battery layout.
The soft package battery is superimposed, a thin sheet needs to be added between every two batteries, which will be filled with liquid, which is heated or refrigerated to ensure that the battery is at the most suitable operating temperature, which also means that the soft package battery needs a more complex battery control system

In the current new energy vehicle market, cylindrical, square, and soft package batteries are equipped with models. There is no absolute difference between good and bad. It can only be said that each has its own advantages. In terms of cell energy density, in theory, soft package batteries are the highest, square batteries are followed by square batteries, and cylindrical batteries are the smallest


As per this Article cylindrical cell continues to be one of the most widely used packaging styles for primary and secondary batteries. The advantages to using this cell format are manufacturing convenience and mechanical stability. Indeed, this cell design is easier to manufacture and with a sealed can exteriorly have the ability to withstand high internal pressures.

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