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Types of wiring and their working modules along with circuits

Types of wiring

Wirings are of different types according to the circuits. While there are different types of wiring that provide the circuit with certain advantages. A few of the wiring modules are mentioned in the article along with their circuits.

Single bus wiring

This type of wiring provides the circuit with different advantages like simplicity and clarity, lack of equipment, small investment convenient operations, and conducive to expansion, but poor reliability and flexibility. When the bus or bus isolation switch fails or is serviced, all the power supply of the bus must be disconnected. Below is the circuit of the single bus wiring.

single bus wiring
Single Bus Wiring

Single bus with segmentation

This type of wiring can improve the reliability and flexibility of the power supply. Two feedback lines are introduced from different segments powered by two power supplies. Two sets of busbars can be run side by side or split. The number of segments depends on the number and capacity of power supplies. Generally, 2-3 segments are considered.

Types of wiring
Single Bus with Segmentation

Double bus wiring

Double bus wiring has the advantages of being a reliable power supply, convenient maintenance flexible scheduling, or easy expansion. However, there are many pieces of equipment that are used for this kind of wiring, and the distribution device is complex. As an operating electrical appliance is in operation, the isolation switch is prone to misoperation and is inconvenient to achieve automation. But when the Bus system fails more power supplies and lines must be removed in a short period of time which is particularly important for large-scale transmission. Power plants and substations are not allowed.

double bus wiring
Double Bus Wiring

Single and double bus or busbars are segmented and bypassed

Their power supply is reliable and flexible and convenient to operate, but the investment is increased and its economy is slightly worse. Especially when using a bypass circuit breaker, the operation is complicated which increases the chance of misoperation. At the same time, due to the installation of bypass circuit breakers, the corresponding protection and automation system is complicated.

3/2 and 4/3 wiring

With high power reliability and operational flexibility. No bus failure or overhaul will cause a power outage. Except for the short-term power outage, if the two circuits connected to the circuit breaker fail, any other circuit breaker failure or maintenance will not interrupt the power supply; even in extreme cases where two sets of bus lines fail at the same time, the power can still be transmitted. However, there are more types of equipment for this wiring, especially circuit breakers and current transformers, with large investments, and the secondary control wiring and relay protection are relatively complicated.

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Wiring is the network of wires used in an electrical system, device, circuit that connects various equipment/components for the distribution of electrical energy from a source of energy such as a battery. This article concludes the types of wiring and their common characteristics such as working modules.

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