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Keeping Batteries in Balance: A Look at Battery Balancing Functions

Battery packs, especially those containing multiple lithium-ion cells, can suffer from inconsistencies. These inconsistencies arise from slight differences in manufacturing, usage patterns, and even natural aging. These variations can lead to a decrease in overall battery performance, lifespan, and safety.

Battery Balancing: Maintaining Harmony

Battery balancing is a technique employed in Battery Management Systems (BMS) to address these inconsistencies. It ensures that all cells within a pack remain in a similar state of charge (SOC) during operation. This is achieved by actively managing the voltage or charge levels of individual cells.

Sources of Battery Inconsistency:

Several factors contribute to inconsistencies within a battery pack:

  • Manufacturing variations: Subtle differences in materials and processes during cell production can lead to slight variations in internal resistance, capacity, and other parameters.
  • Usage patterns: Uneven discharge rates, temperature fluctuations, and varying self-discharge rates across cells can further increase inconsistencies.
  • Aging: Over time, these inconsistencies naturally magnify, leading to a decline in overall battery performance.

The Impact of Inconsistency:

Unbalanced batteries can suffer from several drawbacks:

  • Reduced capacity: Inconsistent cells limit the usable capacity of the entire pack.
  • Shorter lifespan: Overcharged or undercharged cells degrade faster, impacting overall battery life.
  • Limited power: Inconsistency restricts the maximum charge and discharge rates achievable by the pack.
  • Safety concerns: Significant voltage deviations can pose safety risks.

Battery Balancing Methods:

There are two primary methods for cell balancing:

  • Passive Balancing: This approach uses resistors to dissipate excess energy from high-voltage cells. It’s simple and cost-effective but wastes energy and generates heat.
  • Active Balancing: This method transfers energy from high-voltage cells to low-voltage cells using energy storage devices. It offers faster balancing and higher efficiency but is more complex and expensive.


Battery balancing is a crucial function for maintaining optimal performance, lifespan, and safety of lithium-ion battery packs. By understanding the sources and consequences of cell inconsistencies, and the two main balancing techniques (passive and active), we can ensure batteries deliver their full potential. Semco Infratech is one of the best places if you want to buy lithium-ion battery balancers of any range.


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