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Battling Breakage: Solutions for Positive Electrode Roller Woes in Lithium Battery Production

Lithium batteries power our daily lives, but their manufacturing faces a common hurdle: positive electrode roller breakage. This disrupts production and impacts the entire industry. Here, we delve into the causes of this problem and explore effective repair strategies.

Why Do Positive Electrode Rollers Break?

The culprits behind this breakage can be categorized into three main areas:

  1. Material Issues: The “glue” holding the positive electrode together isn’t strong enough. This can happen if the adhesion between the active material, conductive agent, binder, and other components is weak. Uneven particle size distribution in the cathode material can also contribute to breakage during the rolling process.
  2. Process Problems: The way the rolling is done plays a critical role. Unreasonable settings, like uneven contact force between the roller and the material, can cause the cathode to receive uneven pressure and break. Imagine rolling dough with uneven pressure – it would tear easily!
  3. Equipment Issues: The roller press itself can be a factor. If the roller surface is too rough, it won’t have enough contact with the cathode material, leading to breakage. Think of rolling dough with a bumpy rolling pin – it wouldn’t create a smooth sheet.

Fixing the Roller Rollercoaster

The key to fixing this problem lies in a thorough analysis of the cause. By examining the cathode material’s formula, particle size, and process parameters, we can pinpoint the specific culprit. Here’s a breakdown of the repair measures:

  1. Material Formula Optimization: Based on the analysis, we can improve the “glue” holding the positive electrode together. This involves increasing adhesion between components and strengthening the cathode material itself to make it less prone to breakage.
  2. Process Parameter Adjustments: Just like adjusting the pressure when rolling dough, we can fine-tune the rolling process parameters. This ensures the roller shaft applies even force on the cathode material, preventing uneven pressure that leads to breakage. Additionally, adjusting the roller surface roughness ensures it has sufficient contact with the material for a smooth rolling process.
  3. Equipment Maintenance: Regularly maintaining the roller press is crucial. Checking for roller wear and roughness helps identify problems before they cause breakage. If needed, repairs or replacements can be made. Additionally, exploring more suitable roller materials or surface treatment methods can improve the rolling effect.
  4. Quality Control Measures: Monitoring key parameters like contact force and rolling speed during the process allows for early detection of abnormalities. This enables timely adjustments to prevent breakage. Establishing a quality management system helps track and analyze the problem, allowing for continuous process optimization and product quality improvement.
  5. Operator Training: Skilled operators are essential. Training them to better understand and control the rolling process, along with a strong emphasis on equipment monitoring and maintenance, can significantly reduce the occurrence of positive electrode roller breakage.


Positive electrode roller breakage is a multi-faceted challenge in lithium battery manufacturing. However, by analyzing the causes and implementing a combination of solutions, including material formula optimization, process parameter adjustments, equipment maintenance, quality control measures, and operator training, we can effectively prevent and repair this problem. This, in turn, improves production efficiency and ensures the quality of lithium batteries that power our world.

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